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Child Recognition

1. What is child recognition?

It is the act through which, through a public deed or will, made in the Notary Public's Office, the father or mother assumes that a certain person is their biological child. There is no age limit for recognizing a person as a child, and it can even be done after his death, if there are descendants of the same.

2. What is required for the act?

The father or mother (who must be over 16 years of age) must personally attend, carrying their personal documents (original RG and CPF) and a copy of the child's birth certificate.
If the child is of legal age, he cannot be recognized without his consent. If the child is a minor, he may challenge the act of recognition, within four years after reaching adulthood (art. 1614 of CC/02)

3. Is it possible to revoke the act of recognition of the child?

No, the deed of recognition of the child is an irrevocable act (art. 1609 and 1610 of the Civil Code of 2002), which does not depend on judicial approval and must be taken to the Civil Registry of Individuals where the birth registration of the son for registration. If the child is married, it will also be necessary to register the father's name in the marriage registry and if he has children, it will also be necessary to register the grandfather's name in the grandchildren's birth registry.

4. Is it possible to establish any conditions for recognition as a child?

No, in the act of recognition of the child, no conditions and/or term may be included, if any, they will be considered ineffective, as provided for in article 1.613 of the Civil Code of 2002.

5. What documents are required for recognition?

RG and CPF of parents and recognized;
Certificate of marital status (birth certificate for single people and marriage certificate for married, separated or divorced persons) issued by the Civil Registry within less than 90 days;
Updated death certificate;
Child's birth certificate.

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