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Clinics in Europe

We present a list of some clinics where single women or in a relationship with another woman can resort to Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) or In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Europe. The list is not exhaustive and is only intended to give some clues about possibilities and prices. All information listed require individual confirmation, via direct contact with the establishment of medically assisted reproduction, in the case of each woman or couple. The evaluation of the prices we present is merely indicative and refers only to the cost of an IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) treatment, not including accommodation and travel expenses.


Centrum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (Brussels)
(Anonymous Donor or Open Identity Donor)


Copenhagen Fertility Center (Copenhagen)
(Anonymous Donor)

StorkKlinik (Copenhagen)
(Anonymous Donor or Open Identity Donor)

Vitanova (Copenhagen)
(Anonymous Donor or Open Identity Donor)


Eugin Clinic (Barcelona)
(Anonymous Donor)

IVI (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Vigo et al)
(Anonymous Donor)

Instituto Extremeño de Reproducción Asistida González Carrera (Badajoz)
(Anonymous Donor)

Ginemed Clinics (Seville)
(Anonymous Donor)


The London Women's Clinic (London)
(Open Identity Donor)

Fertility Plus (London)
(Open Identity Donor)


Sims IVF (Dublin)
(Open Identity Donor)


Center Hospitalier de Luxembourg - Center de Stérilité et de la Médecine de Reproduction…/consultr-un-medecin-a-la-maternite
(Anonymous Donor or Open Identity Donor)


Medisch Centrum Kinderwens (Amsterdam)
(Open Identity Donor*)

About Sperm Donors

It should be noted that the possibility or not to choose the type of donor (Anonymous or Open Identity) depends on the legislation of the respective country or the policy of the clinic itself. For example, in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands* it is only possible insemination with an Open Identity Donor. In Spain, on the other hand, insemination is only possible with Anonymous Donor.

If receiving treatment with sperm from a donor from a specific Sperm Bank is, for example, an important issue, be aware that not all clinics accept to use a donor from a bank other than the clinic's own and, for that reason, this issue should be placed a priori in the contacts made.

Finally, in some clinics, insemination or IVF is also allowed with a known donor, but for this the donation must first go through the 6-month quarantine, so a timely schedule is advised if this is the desired option.

*In the case of the Netherlands, children from the age of 16 can request the disclosure of the donor's identity; if the donor refuses the case can be decided in court.

What is an Open Identity Donor?

He is a donor who authorizes children generated from his sperm to know him after they turn 18, if they so wish.

About the Costs of Medically Assisted Reproduction Abroad

It is only possible to make an objective assessment of costs for each case knowing not only the prices, but also the conditions of the clinics. For example, some clinics may allow you to make the initial consultation by phone or Skype, others – in most cases – may require prior face-to-face consultation, which may imply more travel and accommodation costs compared to the first case. Some clinics may not charge anything extra for using a sperm bank donor outside the clinic itself – let's imagine you want to use an open identity donor and the clinic where you will receive treatment only has anonymous donors -, others do. Some clinics may charge an extra fee and even have a longer waiting list if the treatment is for a patient or a couple from abroad, while others may not.

Afterwards, it is also worth knowing which means of transport are available and their usual costs, particularly considering the possibility of booking a trip only one or two days in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to explore each case if the financial factor is important.

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