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Art. 1 - SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is a Civil Society Organization is a non-profit civil non-governmental association founded on December 1, 2017, with headquarters located at Av. Rodesindo Pavan 11.510 – apt. 02, Praia do Estaleiro, Balneário Camboriú – 88,334-500, SC, Brazil.

Art. 2 - SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is a legal entity governed by private law, supra-party, not linked to any party, religious or ideological group or any body or entity that is against the awareness and emancipation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender and intersex people, or any type of discrimination against any type of person based on race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religious intolerance, or that undermines any human rights; in addition to being an entity that does not submit to economic groups. Its character is informative, mobilizing and assistance, lasting for an indefinite period, with legal personality of private law, governed by this Statute, by the Internal Regulation and by the laws that apply to it 1 .

Sole Paragraph: SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, may adopt before society and the media in general the simplified name “INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE” 2 .



Art. 3 - The primary purpose of SOW DIVERSITY is to organize the greatest number of people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, creed, philosophical convictions, social condition, age, disability, or profession, interested in defending rights human beings in general, in particular the freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity to promote, guarantee and defend citizenship and the psychological and social well-being of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender and intersex throughout Brazil .

Art. 4 - The specific purposes of SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE are to promote the mobilization of human resources and the capture of financial resources to carry out activities and projects in the areas of its operation, to achieve this mission, it specifies the following social objectives:

a) awareness of LGBTI people and their families about their human rights and the importance and need for their engagement in the fight for equal rights and to overcome Intolerance for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity;

b) contribution to the collection and organization of information and the production of knowledge about human sexuality and citizenship, specifically about LGBTI people and citizens;

c) awareness in society of the right to freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity;

d) combating any manifestation of discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all social spaces;

e) promoting exchanges with other similar organizations at the local, national and international level, as well as other entities that fight against prejudice and discrimination and for the defense of human rights, respecting article 2;

f) promotion and support for actions to encourage and guarantee comprehensive and sexual health for LGBTI, with special emphasis on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS;

g) participation, support and realization of artistic, civic, social and sporting works that provide visibility, emancipation, social integration and strengthening of LGBTI identities;

h) monitoring of any and all legal, legislative or police issues or issues related to the Federal and District Executive Branch that concern sexual orientation and gender identity;

i) dissemination to society of the purposes, objectives, activities and achievements of SEMEAR;

j) effective collaboration in overcoming any type of discrimination, such as ethnic, religious, gender, social, physical or mental disability, nationality or HIV serology;

k) promotion of visibility actions for the expressions of LGBTI identities;

l) promotion, monitoring, defense and proposal of laws and public policies related to LGBTI citizenship;

m) strengthening and defending the plurality of expressions of LGBTI identities.

Art.5 – In order to fulfill its objectives, SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE will act through the direct execution of projects, programs or action plans; the donation of physical, human and financial resources, or provision of intermediary support services to other non-profit organizations and public sector bodies operating in related areas.

§ 1 - In order to achieve its social objectives, it will promote, among others:

I - exchange between volunteers, similar institutions, national and international, encouraging partnership, dialogue and solidarity between different social segments, participating with other entities in activities that seek common interests, in order to fulfill their social objectives;

II – the monitoring, inspection of the application of resources and evaluation of public policies implemented by the instituted powers at the federal, state and municipal levels; as well as its integration in councils or collegiate bodies whose objective is the implementation of public policies or actions in related areas, being able to carry out studies, surveys, researches and other investigation works.

III - form contracts, agreements, partnership agreement, management agreement, collaboration agreement, development agreement or cooperation agreement with public, Federal, State, Municipal and/or private entities, whether in Brazil or abroad, with the objective of providing financial means in order to keep all projects in progress or in the implementation phase running 3

IV - sign agreements and partnerships with universities, colleges - national and international, - private and public companies, enabling internships in the most diverse areas;

V – sign agreements on the provision of services and implementation of projects in related areas, with world assistance entities, the UN, Red Cross, UNESCO and other related bodies;

VI - establish partnerships with national and international NGOs in order to promote the exchange of technicians and joint actions in projects and sign agreements and partnerships with associations and unions in general;

VII - promote and perform or participate in events related to the areas of action of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, such as: festivals, competitions, lectures, symposia, conferences, public hearings, parties, tolls, social campaigns, as well as conducting research in areas related to social objectives;

VIII – fight for institutional strengthening and for the definition of public and private policies that ensure access to and exercise of Fundamental Rights and Guarantees, both individual and political and social, established constitutionally, and Human Rights, arising from International Treaties;

IX – report after the constant irregularities, to the competent bodies for judicial measures;

X – edit newsletters, books, newspapers, cd's, documentaries, on topics, in their scope, as well as publicize the work developed;

XI - to promote appropriate legal measures against individuals and legal entities or any public bodies that aggressor LGBTI's rights;

XII – represent its members judicially and extrajudicially using constitutionally guaranteed procedural institutes, including collective writ of mandamus, regardless of the call for a general meeting;

XIII – raise funds to be applied in the implementation of projects aimed at the objectives of this statute and supervise / protect all actions developed by the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

§ 2 - In order to achieve its objectives, the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE will employ the means that seem most efficient and adequate;

§ 3 - All initiatives are subject to their economic and financial possibilities;

§ 4 - In order to meet its objectives, the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE may hire people and services, enter into agreements, contracts, terms of cooperation and partnerships of any nature, national and international, with public or private bodies or entities, provided they do not imply your subordination and don't risk your independence;




Art. 6 - The SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE INSTITUTE are members of individuals over 18 (eighteen) years of age who accept this statute and who have formalized their affiliation with the SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE INSTITUTE.

I - Any member who contributes annually to the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE will be an amount to be stipulated by the Board of Directors as an annual contribution rate.

II - For the year of registration of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, the rate stipulated at R$ 60.00 per year, an amount that can be paid in cash or in up to 6 consecutive installments.

III - The establishment of the association depends on the approval of the board at an official meeting.

IV - The rules on association through voluntary work will be defined by the board in a specific rule.

§ 1st The INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE permits itself, in exceptional situations, the liberality of exempting low-sufficient people from the contribution rate after analyzing their financial condition.

§ 2. In exceptional situations, the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE may change the annual contribution rate for the provision of voluntary work to the Institute or the projects developed by it.

§ 3rd Under any circumstance, only members of the board of directors of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE and the Treasury support advisor will have access to the membership forms.

§ 4. As this is a non-profit organization, the contribution rate may be revised at any time by the Board, as needed. However, once paid by the member in a given year, it will not be subject to adjustment for that year.

§ 5th To exercise the right to vote in Assemblies, the member must prove that his/her financial situation is in order with the Institute.

Art. 7 - The members are not jointly or subsidiary liable for the debts and obligations of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

Art. 8 - The rights of the members of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE are:

I - Propose, discuss and vote at the general meeting after six months of membership;

II - Vote and be voted for positions on the board only after one year of association with Estruturação, respecting the first paragraph of article 9 of these bylaws;

III – Express yourself as long as you do not violate the objectives and values ​​of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IV – Have a voice in board meetings.

V – Discount on events held by INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

VI – Discount on the sale of licensed or sub-licensed items of brands and symbols that it owns and/or licensed, donated or made for fundraising campaigns in favor of INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

Article 9 - The duties of the members of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE are:

I - Respect and ensure respect for this Statute;

II - Promptly pay the annuity or provide, within the prescribed period, volunteer work to the entity;

§ 1. In order to vote and be voted in any instance, the member must be up to date with his/her monetary contribution or voluntary work.

§ 2. Delayed payments or the fulfillment of tasks due in volunteering in order to be able to vote can only take place up to one month before the same.

§ 3. It is the right and duty of the members of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE to demand from the treasury proof of monetary contribution or, in the case of affiliation through the provision of voluntary service, proof of support provided to the general secretariat of the entity.

Article 10 - Penalties may be applied to members of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE who have harmed the interests of the entity and/or these Statutes, the final decision being up to the general assembly specifically called for this purpose.

§ 1. Punishments are warning, temporary suspension or permanent dismissal, necessarily applied in that order;

§ 2. Members who fail, during a three-month period, to renew their membership payment or fulfill their volunteer agreement, will be terminated by operation of law.

§ 3. The members of the board, the ombudsman, the fiscal council, the nucleus council and the advisory and deliberative council have all the rights of associates guaranteed.


Article 11 - The INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is composed of the following bodies:

I - General Meeting

II - Board

III - Fiscal Council

IV - Council of Nuclei

V - Ombudsman

VI - Advisory and deliberative board


Art. 12 - The general meeting is privately responsible for:

I - elect the executive board, fiscal council, ombudsman and advisory and deliberative council;

II - dismiss the executive board, fiscal council and advisory and deliberative council;

III - approve the accounts of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IV - change the statute.

§ 1. For the deliberations referred to in items II and IV, the concurrence vote of two-thirds of those present at the assembly solely convened for this purpose is required, and it cannot deliberate without an absolute majority of the associates.

§ 2. Decisions referring to items I and III will be approved by a favorable vote of the simple majority present at the meeting

Art. 13 - The general assembly is the sovereign and deliberative body of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, consisting of all members, respecting the provisions of articles 6, 7, 8 and 9 .

§ 1. Voting by proxy is prohibited.

§ 2. The resolutions of the general meeting will be approved by half plus one of the present associates, obeying the exceptions foreseen in this statute.

Article 14 - The ordinary general meeting will meet each year by convening the board of directors through its secretariat at least 15 days in advance by notice to be published on the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE website, and sent by e-mail to ( the members who assume from their membership the commitment to keep their email addresses updated.

Single paragraph. In the first call, the general meeting will deliberate with the presence of 1/3 (one third) of the body of associates and after thirty minutes, in the second call, with any number.

Art. 15° - The extraordinary general assembly will be convened by the board of directors or when requested by 1/5 (one fifth) of the members with at least ten days in advance.

§ 1. Extraordinary general meetings will deal exclusively with the matters that gave rise to their call.

§ 2. Having decided to hold the extraordinary general meeting, the applicants must notify the fact to the secretariat of the board of directors for the preparation and dissemination of the official notice at least three days in advance.

§ 3. In exceptional situations, and in the case of an organization with members throughout the national territory, if the Board of Directors deems it plausible, an extraordinary meeting may be called by Skype or other virtual means made available.

Art. 16 - It is incumbent upon the ordinary general meeting:

I - Biennially elect the executive board, fiscal council and deliberative and advisory council, and annually the components of the ombudsman, respecting the provisions of these Bylaws;

II - Know, discuss and judge the reports on the activities of the board and the nuclei;

III - Discuss and approve the half-year action plan of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IV - Deliberate on the general matters of interest to the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE contained in the call notice.

Article 17 - It is incumbent upon the Extraordinary General Meeting:

I - Apply punishments to the members of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, as provided for in article 10;

II - To amend, in whole or in part, these Bylaws, only when called for this purpose;

III - To resolve on the dissolution of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

IV - Deliberate on the matters motivating its call.


Article 18 - The Board of Directors will be elected every two years by the ordinary general meeting, by simple majority, with a two-year term, with consecutive reelection being allowed only once for the same position.

§ 1. If the members are not interested in forming any slate to run for elections and the previous Board is interested in continuing the work, voting is allowed to legitimize continuity. This rule applies to other positions at the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

§ 2. The convening of the annual general meeting that will elect the executive board must be held in the last fortnight of August of the year in which the term of office ends;

§ 3. To run for the board, slates must be formed, which must register with the entity's general secretary up to five days before the date of the election meeting;

§ 4. The inauguration of the elected board takes place 15 days after the election;

Art. 19° - The following are members of the board of directors:

I - President

II - Vice President

III - General Secretary

IV - Assistant Secretary

V - Treasurer

§ 1. The members of the board of directors will be elected at the general meeting by acclamation or by universal and secret vote of the associates, pursuant to article 15.

§ 2. In the event of a vacancy in any position on the board or an impediment or serious failure of its member, the general meeting is responsible for electing a substitute.

§ 3. The Board of Directors may interim elect a temporary substitute name until a new general meeting is possible for the election of a permanent substitute. If there is no candidate for a vacancy, the President will designate one of the Directors who will accumulate functions.

§ 4. In case of resignation of members of the board of directors, this must be communicated to the president in writing or recorded in the minutes of the board meeting signed by the member.

§ 5. It characterizes abandonment of office, with its consequent vacancy, the lack of attendance at four consecutive biweekly ordinary meetings of the board of directors without formal justification to the president.

Article 20 - It is incumbent upon the Board of Directors:

I - Comply and enforce these Bylaws;

II - Convene ordinary and extraordinary general meetings;

III - Execute and enforce the decisions of the general meeting;

IV - Create work commissions when necessary;

V - Prepare the annual report on the activities of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

VI - Create and dissolve the nuclei of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE and appoint and remove its coordinators;

VII - Elaborate and approve the internal regulations that will govern the functioning of the headquarters, meetings, volunteer work and others;

VIII – Approve any official communication or information material of the entity.

Single paragraph. The board will meet extraordinarily when necessary.

Art. 21 - It is incumbent upon the president of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE:

I - Preside over and coordinate the meetings of the board of directors and general meetings;

II - Convene the board of directors for ordinary and extraordinary meetings;

III - Manage, together with the treasurer of the board of directors, the documents relating to the financial management of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IV - Represent the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE in court or out of court;

V - Sign all correspondence and documents issued in the name of INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE, if necessary;

VI - Delegate powers to another member of the board.

Single paragraph. It is not up to the president to respond in the alternative for the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

Art. 22 - It is incumbent upon the vice-president:

I - replace the president in his/her absences and impediments and assist him/her.

II – coordinate special projects.

Article 23 - It is incumbent upon the General Secretary:

I - Call notices for board meetings and assemblies;

II - Coordinate the correspondence received and issued by the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

III - Write the reports of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IV - To jointly prepare and organize the agendas for meetings and assemblies;

V - Make minutes of board meetings and assemblies.

Article 24 - It is incumbent upon the treasurer, hereinafter referred to as the Chief Financial Officer:

I - Organize and manage the treasury;

II - Keep the entity's cash book in order and up to date;

III - Collect and receive monthly fees, contributions and donations.

IV - Sign the receipts issued by INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

V - Develop plans for the collection and application of financial resources of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

VII - Maintain bank accounts.

Single paragraph. In the absence of the treasurer or in his/her impediment, any other member of the board, under the indication of the president, may replace him/her on occasion or until the end of his term.


Art. 25° - The Fiscal Council will be constituted by three members elected by the general assembly.

§ 1. The mandate of the Fiscal Council will coincide with the mandate of the Board of Directors.

§ 2. The Fiscal Council will meet ordinarily every six months and, extraordinarily, whenever necessary.

§ 3. In the event of a vacancy, a new election will be held at an extraordinary general meeting convened for this purpose within one month at most.

Art. 26 - It is incumbent upon the Fiscal Council:

I - Examine the bookkeeping books of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

II - Examine the half-yearly balance sheet presented by the treasurer, giving an opinion on the matter.

III - Assess the balance sheets and inventories that accompany the annual report of the board.

IV - Give an opinion on the acquisition and sale of assets.


Art. 27° - The centers are a way for the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE to bring together its members to reflect, discuss and act on their multiple identities.

Art. 28 - The set of cores, which are governed by item VI of art. 21, forms the Council of Nuclei, which has consultative power.

§ 1. The meeting of the Council of Nuclei can take place at the request of a simple majority of the nuclei in writing and delivered to the board or by convening the president.


Article 29 - The Ombudsman of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is made up of an ombudsman and an assistant ombudsman, with a role that is independent of the opinion of the entity within the commitment to development of the group, whose basis is the present statute.

§ 1. The mandate of the occupants of the ombudsman is one year with the possibility of re-election for only one more year in any of their positions.

§ 2. The mandate cannot be interrupted by any kind of decision outside the ombudsman;

§ 3. Only the first occupants of the ombudsman will come from the choice of the board. The others will be elected at the general meeting.

§ 4. To occupy positions in the ombudsman, a person must be a member of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE for at least one year.

Article 30 - It is incumbent upon the ombudsman:

I - receive, examine and forward complaints, compliments, suggestions and complaints to the board of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE or its bodies from associates and associates, volunteers and participants of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE and LGBTI and heterosexuals in general regarding procedures, activities and actions of the entity;

II – Capture the response to the manifestations with the board or agency of the entity and give an opinion about it in a public manner, according to the specific norm of the ombudsman;

III – Register, register, organize and interpret all the manifestations received and produce indicatives through monthly analytical and statistical reports;

IV – Maintain open channels of dialogue for receiving manifestations and publishing responses through both the communication actions developed by the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE and through its own means.

Art. 31° – It is incumbent upon the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE to respect the rule of the ombudsman, contribute with its work and respect its independence.

Sole Paragraph – The board of directors will prepare the ombudsman's norm, which can only be modified at a general meeting at any time to be valid in the term following the current one in which the change occurs.


Art. 32° – The Advisory and Deliberative Council is formed by three members who have a collaborative relationship with the SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE INSTITUTE and demonstrate commitment to its development.

Art. 33° – The Advisory and Deliberative Council ensures compliance with the provisions of the statute and deliberates on cases not covered by this statute or subject to dubious interpretation.

§ 1. It is up to this body to measure conflicts and manage crises that are not resolved in the board and council of the centers.

§ 2. It is the role of the Advisory and Deliberative Council to analyze the cases of disagreement of someone with the list of members issued by the board of directors of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE for the purpose of participating in meetings.


Art. 34° - The assets of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE will consist of movable and immovable assets that may be acquired by purchase or obtained by donation or legacy, both from public and private entities, national or foreign.

Art. 35 - The institute's sources of funds may consist of:

I – contributions from members, as proposed by the board;

II – donations from individuals and legal entities;

III – sponsorships received to carry out events and programs related to its objectives;

IV – financial investments of existing resources;

V - income from shares and other papers or rights that it owns;

VI – rental of movable and immovable property that you own;

VII – resources coming from governmental and non-governmental entities, national or international, from individuals or from any legal sources;

VIII – inheritances, legacies, or testamentary dispositions in favor of the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE;

IX - resources arising from activities that it may eventually carry out in accordance with its corporate purpose

X - Subsidies you receive from the government;

XI - Terms of partnerships, agreements and contracts signed in the public and private sector for the development, execution, preparation and financing of projects in its area of ​​operation;

XII - Income from marketing products;

XIII - Receipt of copyright;

XIV - Income from licenses or sub-licenses of trademarks and symbols owned and/or licensed

XV - Usufructs granted to it;

XVI - Bank interest and other capital income;

XVII – other sources that are lawful and compatible with the Institute's purpose.

Art. 36° – Expenses will consist of all the items necessary for the INSTITUTE SOW DIVERSIDADE, directly or indirectly, to achieve its purposes.

§ 1. The following are expenses, among others:

I – payment of taxes;

II – acquisition and conservation of material, furniture and utensils;

III – contributions due to entities to which the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is subordinate;

IV - acquisition of prizes for events promoted by the association;

V – funding of promoted or sponsored events;

VI – cost of training and qualification courses for its members and with teaching materials, videos, room rentals, payment for speakers, certificates and others;

VII – payment of service providers, hiring of self-employed or civil servants under a CLT regime;

VIII – travel by members of the Board or appointed by the Board to Congresses, Seminars, Lectures and the like, of interest to the INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE.

IX - any other expenses provided for in this statute or authorized by the General Meeting.

Sole paragraph: Any expense must be closely and specifically related to its purpose and no payment may be made without the respective authorization of the President or his legal substitute.

Art. 37° – Since the INSTITUTE SOW DIVERSIDADE does not have a profitable purpose, the equity, income and any surplus that it may receive, will be fully applied in the achievement of its objectives and purposes, and distribution to the members of the Executive Board is prohibited. , the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, and their associates or directors in general, in any way, profits, bonuses, or pecuniary advantages.

Art. 38° - In case of extinction or dissolution of the NGO SEMEAR, its eventual remaining assets will be destined to a similar entity, registered with the National Council for Social Assistance – CNAS, or to a public entity, at the discretion of the entity or organization.



Article 39 - The present statute may be amended, in whole or in part, at any time, by private deliberation of the General Assembly, specially convened for this purpose, composed of members in good standing with their social obligations, observing the quorum, which cannot to deliberate, in the first call, without an absolute majority of the members, or with less than 1/3 (one third) in the following calls, and it will enter into force on the date of its registration in the registry.



Art. 40° – An internal regulation must be elaborated by the board, which will submit it to the General Assembly for analysis and approval, with the purpose of regulating the provisions of this statute.

Sole Paragraph - The Internal Regulations will regulate both statutory rules and any topics of interest to SEMEAR, except those established by law in the Bylaws.




Art. 41° - The INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE can only be dissolved by decision of two thirds of its associated body in an extraordinary general meeting exclusively convened for this purpose.

Sole paragraph: The Internal Regulations will regulate both the statutory rules and any terms of interest to the SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE Institute, except for those established by law in the Bylaws.

Art. 42° - The activities of the directors and directors, as well as those of the associates, will be entirely free of charge, and they are prohibited from receiving any profit, bonus, bonus or advantage for exercising these positions directly or indirectly.

§ 1. The INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE shall pay the expenses of the members who are representing it in any situation, upon proof, within the funds' possibilities and with the approval of the Board.

§ 2. INSTITUTO SEMEAR DIVERSIDADE is entitled to hire employees when necessary, if there are financial resources available and in accordance with current labor laws.


Art. 43° - This statute will come into force on the date of its registration.

Art. 44° - The mandate of the Executive Board in office will be fulfilled in full for the period for which it was elected, except in case of removal or resignation.

1 According to article 53 of the Civil Code

2 In accordance with article 54, I of the Civil Code

3 According to Law 13,019/2014

4 In accordance with article 54, IV and VII of the Civil Code

5 According to article 54, VI ​​of the Civil Code

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